Would you like to be the chef of your dream holiday?

We look forward to seeing you in this brand new concept, prepared for our dear children at the Kirman Arycanda Hotel. Our Kid's Chef concept takes care of all our children who come to our hotel, in doing so they can make use of various special features. Our goal is to help our children have a great holiday without losing the smile on their faces.

Kids Chef Concept, 0-3 years old, 24 hrs service, when guests reach the hotel by contacting the guest service, you can request the order of specific food within the day or call from the room by contacting the front desk (0) and give us your orders.

Guests can learn about our concept with our kid's chef or share with us when needed. Guests can enjoy all kinds of food and meals prepared for our children in the Kids Buffet while on vacation. Our children will go one step further to reflect their inner worlds along with our special activities performed with our kid's chef and to fulfill all the wishes of our children.