"Sanitas Per Aqua" (SPA) is the name given to water therapies applied since the Romans. Healing with water and health from the use of water is used for for the rest gained through the implementation and the acquisition of a sense of relief in the sense of complementary therapy by usage of hot and cold water in different ways (pouring, dripping, showering, spraying)

Unique features of Kirman Hotels Spa centers start from the venue entrance. Music system, decor, cosmetics fragrant candles and lightning system of centers provide people to benefit mental and physical services. Massaging sessions with relaxing aroma oils and sea salt where special massage techniques are used provide mental and physical relaxation.

Let your soul get refreshed in Turkish bath, in the sauna or in the steam room and let the massages relieve your body. Under the supervision of expert physiotherapist, masseurs in our SPA center, your can renew and heal your body.